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[Special Academic Programs]


The National Student Exchange (NSE) offers opportunities for you to broaden your educational experience through exchange programs with more than 175 universities across the nation. Becoming an exchange student may be just the thing for you — if you like traveling within the United States, meeting new people, and expanding your cultural and academic knowledge.

Through NSE, you may exchange to another member institution for a semester or academic year and pay that university's in-state tuition. All properly selected courses taken at the member institution are fully transferrable to The University of Alabama; you may wish to consult your adviser about which courses you should choose. You must have at least sophomore standing and a 2.5 GPA at the time of the exchange. If you are receiving financial aid at UA, you can expect to receive similar aid from the host institution. Although your first choice of a host school is not guaranteed, 90 percent of UA students have received their first choices over the past five years.

For further information, call (205) 348-6795 or come by our office in 231 Ferguson Center. The deadline for applications for each academic year (beginning with the fall semester) is February 1.