Homework Tips

Homework should not be a battle. Dr. Diane Sekeres, assistant professor of education at The University of Alabama, offers parents these steps to take to encourage their child to take responsibility for his or her own homework assignments.

  1. Set aside a special place for your child to do homework. This can be a desk, or if there is no extra room, a place at the kitchen or dining room table.
  2. Set a time for doing homework—either after snack as soon as your child comes home, or later in the evening.
  3. Turn off radios and televisions while your child studies. If you are watching TV in the same room, then you are distracting your child from his or her work, even if the child is not watching.
  4. Check your child’s planner or schedule every day and his or her work when it is complete.
  5. Check over graded work with your child and help him or her correct errors and celebrate learning.
  6. Ask what supplies the child may need for future projects.
  7. Set aside times to work on projects so that they are not done at the last minute.
  8. Let your child do his or her own work, but be supportive with help as needed.
  9. Send the teacher a note if you realize your child has specific difficulties with work.
  10. Read every day! Your child may read independently or side by side (each with your own book) or together, aloud. This applies to any age!