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Finish in Four

Finish in Four

Now that you have chosen UA, we want the experience to meet your highest expectations. Knowing that you are on track with your courses can make your Bama experience the best it can be. UA offers more than 80 undergraduate degree programs through its 12 colleges and schools. Almost all bachelor’s degrees can be obtained within eight semesters of study. Degree programs require between 120 and 146 credits so you must average between 15 and 18 credits per semester.

Finish in Four, in conjunction with UA’s academic planning tool called DegreeWorks, along with your college adviser can help keep you on course for graduation in just eight semesters. Here’s what Finish in Four can mean to you:

• You’ll save money. Extra semesters add up. When you make the Finish in Four commitment, you can plan your college budget more accurately.

• You’ll have more choices sooner. You can enter the job market or enroll in graduate study. It all starts with your UA degree.

• You’ll stay on course for graduation in four years. Finish in Four will assist you in taking required courses when they are available.

• You can still plan to participate in summer or semester-long study abroad, internships, and service learning experiences.

Completing any University of Alabama bachelors degree in just eight semesters is challenging. But you’re up for the challenge. After all, you chose Alabama’s flagship university. Yes, Finish in Four will require significant work, but we’ll be right with you, every step of the way providing excellent online tools and academic advising.

Finish in Four offers a list of majors available to undergraduate students along with helpful information on each program. Student-designed programs and New College depth studies are also available, allowing students to create their own majors and minors. We've provided information like accreditation, career opportunities and what UA graduates are doing with their degrees. And if that isn't enough, we've also provided a semester by semester plan to help you Finish in Four! This plan will serve as your guide and can be adjusted to meet your future academic needs.

Career consultants in the UA Career Center are dedicated to helping students explore majors to best fit their interests and career goals. Meeting with a consultant is the best way for a student to obtain tailored assistance and determine whether he or she is a good candidate for an in-depth career inventory. Utilizing our self-directed online inventories is an option for students away from campus or for those who would like to engage in self assessment prior to meeting with a consultant. The online career exploration resources we recommend are CareerBeam and Choices Planner.

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